Vizrt brings real-time photorealistic graphics to live production with Enlighten technology

Vizrt has partnered with Geomerics to use its Enlighten software to provide designers with new tools to create higher quality photorealistic virtual graphics.

ARM, which owns Geomerics, is a semiconductor intellectual property supplier and Enlighten is the industry’s most advanced dynamic lighting technology, delivering real-time global illumination in Vizrt’s realtime 3D design system, Viz Artist. Enlighten empowers artists to bring virtual studios to life and transform the user experience.

Underpinned by a robust suite of Enlighten features including: realtime global illumination, interchangeable colour lighting, accurate shadowing of materials and highly effective ambient occlusion, this is a step change for Vizrt customers seeking to seamlessly blend virtual assets with external elements.

All the Enlighten tools are integrated in the Vizrt production workflow, so designers can both save time and have access to an amazing creative toolkit for visually stunning real-time virtual assets.

“Global illumination is the most important contributing factor in the creation of the cinematic quality graphics that today’s consumers expect. Integrating Enlighten into the next generation of Viz Artist will bring unprecedented dynamic lighting capabilities to the media industry,” said Chris Porthouse, vice president of gaming middleware, ARM in a statement. “By computing high-quality indirect lighting, Enlighten empowers artists to light virtual studios in seconds, significantly enhancing workflow.”

“After enabling Allegorithmic’s substances for defining materials in Viz Artist we have added Enlighten for real-time global illumination to enable cinematic quality in our real-time renderer,” said Francois Laborie, Vizrt chief commercial officer in the statement. “Our partnership with ARM gives media companies a tool for creating real-time, photorealistic virtual graphics integrated to the live production chain.”