Swiss TV station upgrades studio with Eyevis video wall

Tele Ticino, located in Melide, Switzerland, debuted a new studio in September with three 2×2 video walls from eyevis and reseller Videolink AG.

Using eyevis LCD monitors (EYE-LCD-4600-M-USN-LD-BC), Tele Ticino chose a specially developed broadcast version of the LCs which includes additional features such as for example sensor-calibration and extended settings for colour temperature and gamma curves.

“The quality of the monitors was the crucial factor for us, this refers to the visual picture quality on the one hand, but also the longevity of the products,” said Mattia Ghidoni, technical manager of Tele Ticino. “We are a very small TV station, our target group is the canton Ticino in the Italian-speaking part of Switzerland with only 350 000 citizens and an accordingly small budget. It is therefore extremely important to us, that the monitors operate reliably and lastingly.”

The networks previous studio only had one display area, with the new providing a variety of storytelling opportunities for the various productions including news, sports and talk shows.