RTL relaunches Hungarian newscast with new set, graphics

RTL Klub, the Hungarian station owned by RTL Group, relaunched its newscast on Monday with a futuristic set that embraces minimalism.

Throughout the design, layers of off-white panels are combined with cove lighting and LED strips to create a flowing set straight out of “2001: A Space Odyssey.”

High-tech LED displays and glossy black panels accent the space, along with a large video wall behind the anchor desk.


Augmented reality technology and virtual set extensions have also been included to help enhance weather and news stories, working well with the unique design.


Along with various standup positions and the anchor area, the set includes a roundtable space that includes more cove lighting and diagonal bars.

Graphically, the new motion graphics package features a flowing, bending, wire of news and information with eminating circles, data points and bits of information.


Previously, the network utilized an over-the-top virtual set design that lacked realism.