Viz Story 1.0 brings easy video storytelling to journalists

The release of the new story production tool from Vizrt provides an easy tool for editing video and distributing to any platform including social media and media asset management systems.

Journalists need the tools to tell their story easily, professionally and get it to their audience immediately.

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To accomplish this, Vizrt has created Viz Story, a browser-based HTML5, editing tool that allows the journalists to quickly create compelling video stories with state of the art 3D graphics, and easily distribute them online and to social media.


Story allows journalists to use video from any source, including professional video shot from the field, mobile phone video or files from a media asset management system. Search your ingested media and add to a timeline for editing. Combine Viz Story with Vizrt’s MAM system for live editing on growing proxy video.


Add high-quality graphics to your video using templates for a fast way to add text and define the style of text on video content. Graphics are rendered by Vizrt’s state-of-the-art 3D graphics rendering system. The system also allows for square aspect ratio videos optimized for Facebook and the ability to easily edit videos for multiple aspect ratios.

Users can also adjust the position of video in a project with keyframed panning. This keeps the point of interest always in the center of the frame – even when using 16:9 video in a square video project.

Other editing features include:

  • Overlay video, audio and graphics
  • Video transitions
  • Preview of graphics animations


Story gives users the tools instantly publish your final video anywhere, including Facebook, FTP, to disk, or to our media asset management system. The system also includes a third-party REST API for custom publishing workflows.