Lincoln station debuts new set

Gray Television’s CBS affiliate in Lincoln, Nebraska, KOLN, has debuted a new set from FX Design Group.

The new set combines sleek backlit panels for a more modern look, combined with warm faux stone for a more rustic feel.

“This is just a renewed face on our promise to bring you exceptional news coverage,” News Director Stephanie Hedrick said in a statement. “Now we get to present stories in an even more modern way. It’s opening the window wider.”

The main anchor desk, which is situated off-axis in one corner of the station backed with a curved video wall, is internally lit with two metallic bands and an additional video panel on front.

Above this, backlit header panels and metallic framework complete a header.

KOLN brands under the name “10/11 News,” a reference to its main signal over KOLN and semi-satellite KGIN.

Off to the left are additional backlit panels and a faux stacked stone wall section with vertically mounted flatscreen for standups.


The weather center features more of the faux stone, which is also stocked with plenty of flatscreens. This is another great example of a modern look mixed with warmer contrast.

“The new set will also provide tools for the Nebraska Weather Network to present viewers with more in-depth weather analysis. Overall, this change is all about putting our viewers’ needs first,” Chief Meteorologist Ken Siemek said in the statement.

The studio redo also included adding an interview and multipurpose area with living room style seating backed with alternating panels of stone and frosted glass.