‘Meet the Press’ gets new open, bug for 70th year

NBC News is celebrating the 70th anniversary of its Sunday morning political show “Meet the Press” with a new open featuring (the Allstate guy) actor Dennis Haysbert’s voice.

The show, which also switched to a “70th anniversary” bug on Sunday’s edition, used a new open that features a collage of photos taken from archival footage, with a voiceover.

“From NBC News in Washington, the longest running show in television history, celebrating its 70th year, this is ‘Meet the Press’ with Chuck Todd,” Haysbert’s voice says over the “Pulse of Events” theme music from the “Mission Theme.”

“Meet the Press” also introduced a new bug featuring its 70th anniversary logo — a blue box with the number “70” boasting a “7” with an exaggerated “leg” and the word “years” tucked under the “0.”

The words “70th Anniversary” were also added to the end of the new open, just below the logo just as the voiceover finishes.

Haysbert, whose voice is used for the open, is an actor noted for his role as President David Palmer on “24” and, more recently, as both a voice and screen actor in Allstate insurance commercials. 

Haysbert’s voice is so notable and associated with Allstate that the company runs commercials where on-screen screen actors’ voices are “dubbed over” with Haysbert expounding the virtues of Allstate.


“Meet the Press” debuted on television Nov. 6, 1947, with a radio version existing since 1945.

The show’s original format used a single guest who was questioned, press conference-style, by a panel of reporters, hence the show’s name.