AV Design Services to demonstrate latest in LED displays at NAB Show

AV Design Services is creating a television studio on the NAB Show floor this year, giving visitors a chance to see and experience what display systems look like on camera. Ranging from the latest in LED solutions to video wall controllers, the AVDS booth will include a wide array of video wall options to review.

“LED display systems have recently come down in price enough that any independent broadcasters and broadcast groups alike can afford and consider truly seamless display systems for their sets. Broadcasters are no longer locked into using flat panel seamed displays for all of their visuals on set,” notes Jim Landy of AV Design Services. “We all know how much you love seamed displays and all of those cross hairs on your set and in your shot.”

Located in South Lower Hall booth #SL11124, AV Design Services will showcase technology including:

  • Curved LED “behind the anchor” display wall using Design LED Pro P2.5mm flex LED tiles
  • 3-person anchor desk will be provided by Creative Dimensions with Design LED Pro  P1.9mm Flex LED display on the desk front
  • LED “stand-up area” LED display using Coleder NEW Ace Block Cable-less 1.6mm LED display
  • LED “stand up area” LED display using Laintronics NEW RA1.9mm display
  • 3 wide Philips 55” E-LED monitors (in portrait mode cluster)
  • Barco: Image Pro scalers
  • Hitachi 1080P Z-HD5500 camera provided by our friends at Hitachi broadcast.
  • Viz Multiplay system will be driving all content to display systems-provided by our systems partner Vizrt.

To schedule an appointment during the 2017 NAB Show, contact AV Design Services at:

Jim Durant: Director of Sales- jdurant@avds.tv – 404-518-7920

Jim Landy: Founder and CEO: jmlandy@avds.tv – 609-744-7800