Fluotec announces AuraLux 100 LED fresnel

Fluotec will release the new AuraLux 100 this fall.

The new AuraLux 100 is a 5.5-inch StudioLED fresnel that delivers 60 percent more pure white light with high color rendering CRI and TLCI indexes.

The AuraLux 100 StudioLED fresnel includes these key features:

  • One source light
  • Powerful new LED COB Chip on Board that delivers 60% more light output
  • Precise fresnel lens
  • The high impact PMMA fresnel lens improves the transfer of luminous flux, has superior optical characteristics: high transmittance and resistance to UV rays and impact
  • Very quiet operation
  • Suitable for studio environments
  • Accurate light control, including high precision eight leaf barndoors and color gel filter holder
  • Low weight
  • Pole operation available