Astucemedia opens augmented reality, virtual reality lab

Astucemedia has opened a laboratory for the development of interactive augmented reality and virtual reality experiences.

Located in Montreal, also the home of Astucemedia, the lab provides a traditional broadcast studio space along with meeting area.

“The lab is where we can develop the most advanced content in a high-quality environment,” said Roger Banna, Astucemedia’s Creative Director. “Often we could only test AR elements on-site to have access to all the equipment. Now we can see and feel the experience right away and make sure it is amazing.”

The lab includes a chroma key wall, a broadcast camera with tracking on a jib, a multi-viewer and switcher, all being fed into the graphics system. Experiences created so far include a virtual set for a news program, including with augmented reality news elements, an AR sports presentation with 3D players, and event recreation experiences with interactive control, notes the company in a release.

“We have the ability to be sure the interactive experience will work well for the presenter, that the camera angles are correct, and that the story is truly enhanced by the augmented and virtual reality,” said Banna.