Germany’s N-TV gets new logo, slogan

German television news channel n-tv will debut a new logo, brand identity and slogan Sept. 1, 2017.

At the same time, the network will expand two of its evening newscasts and debut an image campaign around a new tagline, “Wir bleiben dran,” which roughly translates to “We’ll stay” or “We will remain” or “We’ll stay tuned.”

The network’s new logo removes the hyphen, though it appears the hyphen will remain part of the official network name, along with the lowercase styling. 

The new logo lockup borrows from the existing logo’s typographic styling, with the right “arm” of the “t” merging into the left “arm” of the “v,” though the updated look features a bit boxier font.

The rounded rectangle from the old logo expands to enclose the entire logotype, while also shifting to a brighter shade of red.

The typographic elements and color palette also borrow elements from an older version of the logo.