InfinitySet 3 brings new features to its hyper-realistic augmented reality offering

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After its presentation at NAB, Brainstorm’s InfinitySet 3 is ready to make its European debut at IBC 2017.

InfinitySet 3 is an advanced solution for virtual set production featuring TrackFree technology and now features a new set of tools that further improve its graphics capabilities.

InfinitySet 3 now includes the graphics editing and creation features of Aston so it can edit, manage and create 2D and 3D motion graphics when required.

As much augmented reality content requires advanced graphics features to guarantee the accuracy and realism of the result, InfinitySet 3 now takes advantage of the Aston graphics creation and editing toolset to achieve this.

This allows for direct editing of not only Aston projects but the individual elements, animations, StormLogic, data feeds and other content, as if they were in Aston. This means that in broadcast operation, or while on-air, InfinitySet 3 operators will be able to adjust any object in the scene, even those with added properties such as animations or external data feeds, without having to do so in a separate Aston application.

InfinitySet 3 will demonstrate support for third party render engines, with the focus on gaming and architectural engines such as the Unreal Engine.

As it is integrated with the Brainstorm eStudio render engine, this allows InfinitySet 3 to control in real-time the Unreal Engine’s parameters to include real-time graphic elements such as 3D motion graphics, lower-thirds, tickers, CG and many other, within a precisely rendered and realistic background scene, allowing for the creation of hyper-realistic content.

InfinitySet 3 also features a vast virtual set toolbox including 3D Presenter, TeleTransporter, HandsTracking and FreeWalking, all of them taking advantage of Brainstorm’s TrackFree technology.


With InfinitySet 3, this technology has been pushed further to create new features that improve InfinitySet’s augmented reality features, such as VideoGate and VideoCave. Especially interesting is the VirtualGate feature, which allows for the seamless integration of the presenter not only in the virtual set but also inside additional content within it, so the talent in the virtual world can be teletransported to any video with full broadcast continuity.

“Following the excellent feedback InfinitySet 3 received at its introduction at NAB, we are excited to be showcasing this impressive range of new augmented reality features at IBC, which will allow our customers to reach new levels of creativity in the design and build of their program content” says David Alexander, commercial director of Brainstorm in a statement.

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