Amagi announces Microsoft Azure integration for Cloudport

Cloud-based broadcast infrastructure company and targeted TV and OTT advertising company Amagi has announced that its Cloudport multichannel cloud playout platform can now be deployed on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform.

Owing to this development, Amagi Cloudport users now have the option to operate on one of the most widely used cloud-computing platforms in the world.

“As TV networks transition to cloud as their de-facto infrastructure, their concerns revolve around content security, compliance, scalability and availability. Microsoft Azure checks all the boxes, especially offering such world-class service on a platform-as-a-Service model. It enables our customers to be competitive, and respond to their audience needs in a timely manner,” said K.A. Srinivasan, co-founder of Amagi, in a statement. “Therefore, it’s so important for our customers to be able to implement Amagi cloud broadcast solutions on top of Azure.”

As an advanced channel playout platform, Cloudport allows broadcasters to spin off new channels on the Azure cloud platform, manage content assets, add dynamic graphics, create playlists and schedules, and deliver the channel to any location, any device.

Further, Cloudport, with its sophisticated yet simple web-based UI gives broadcasters unprecedented flexibility to operate a cloud MCR from any remote location. The entire solution helps broadcasters save precious Capex, and run their operations on a “pay-as-you-go” model.

The platform can set up multiple feeds, monitor them, and localize content to maximize broadcaster’s investments and resources.

“Changing viewer behavior has impacted the dynamics of the television broadcast industry dramatically. The demand for personalization of content, the pursuit for audience share, and other industry drivers are pushing executives to innovate both on the content and technology aspects,” said Sajan Parihar, director, Microsoft Azure platform at Microsoft. “As Amagi helps broadcasters embrace the cloud with its flagship platform, Cloudport, it benefits from the enterprise-grade security, global scale, and productivity of Microsoft Azure.”


Amagi already has deployments in over 40 countries, and now working with Microsoft, plans to significantly expand its footprint in the global TV broadcast and OTT industry.