ChyronHego to spotlight Camio updates at NAB NY

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At the 2017 NAB Show New York, ChyronHego will showcase the latest product developments driving global adoption of the Camio Universe — including the newest version of LyricX, the world’s leading broadcast graphics creation and playout solution, the universal Prime Graphics Platform; Metacast weather graphics; and the company’s solutions for augmented graphics and virtual sets — all under the control of playout automation.

With version 4.3, Camio brings powerful new editing, file distribution, and virtualization capabilities to the Camio Universe, ChyronHego’s comprehensive software-based newsroom production ecosystem. Camio 4.3 includes powerful new graphic scheduling capabilities for Luci5, the company’s HTML5-based, modular user interface for newsroom producers.

With Luci5, producers are now able to browse, create, and order images and video assets from Camio and then schedule graphic playback for automation, making their news workflows smoother and more flexible. Camio 4.3 also includes HubDrive, a Dropbox-like folder synchronization and file distribution system that empowers art departments to distribute content automatically to a network of playout devices.

LyricX 3.0, released earlier this year was a major milestone for ChyronHego’s LyricX graphics creation and playout software.

A re-architecture of the rendering pipeline in LyricX has made shader-based masking far more performant than it has ever been and has opened the door to features such as render texture and specular mapping.

Also included is Display Matrix functionality that gives users the ability to work with multiple video inputs, as well as new 3D modeling features, and system performance tools.

LyricX 3.1, featuring even tighter integration with ChyronHego’s Camio graphic asset management server to drive the industry’s most powerful template-based newsroom graphics workflows, support for the SMPTE ST 2110 IP protocol, and more timer functionality and image and movie replacement options will be spotlighted as well.

Also being shown with LyricX are Live Assist Panels, the user interface and control panel creation tool in ChyronHego’s Live Assist playout automation system family.


ChyronHego will also use the show as an opportunity to showcase Prime, its resolution-agnostic, software-based rendering engine that leverages advanced 64-bit GPU- and CPU-based technologies for maximum power in rendering graphics and effects.

Prime powers the Prime graphics platform, ChyronHego’s advanced graphics authoring and playout solution. ChyronHego will showcase Prime as a completely independent integrated clip player, a branding solution using the company’s NewsTicker software, and a news package playout system within the Camio workflow.

It features touch-screen capabilities, as well as enhanced functionality for shaders and deepened support for LUA scripting, in addition to Prime’s existing scripting tools. Prime now supports 16-bit color space with 10-bit I/O and the SMPTE ST 2110 IP protocol.

ChyronHego’s Live Assist Panels platform is an all-new user interface and control panel creation tool in the company’s Live Assist playout automation system family.

Ideal for use in any live broadcast environment, the Live Assist Panels platform leverages the latest multiuser web technologies to enable creation of custom-designed user interfaces for control of any ChyronHego product, and it also supports a growing range of protocols used by ChyronHego and by other leading industry vendors.

The software-based Live Assist Panels platform includes a built-in scripting engine featuring IntelliSense, code completion, and coding hints that make it easy for users to build highly advanced interaction into their custom user interfaces.

The panels themselves can be authored simply by dragging and dropping a range of pre-defined widgets such as drop-down menus, pushbuttons, input boxes, and sliders.

New for the 2017 NAB Show New York is an optional multichannel SDI-to-IP bridge that adds ultra-low-latency video previews into Live Assist Panels.

This also allows for distributing video previews over a standard IT infrastructure. Any panel can use any video stream at any given time, allowing users to work collectively across a number of completely tailor-made and fully interactive multiviewers or control panels with real-time video previews.

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