CBS Chicago ‘expects more’ in image campaign


WBBM, the CBS O&O in Chicago, which switched to the “Expect more” tagline in September 2017, has now turned that slogan into a theme for an image campaign promo.

The slow paced spot starts with a view of anchors Rob Johnson and Irika Sargent walking into the studio featuring the station’s new set that debuted at the same time it added the tagline.

It then integrates the “expect more” catchphrase into a series of statements centered around different aspects of news coverage.

For example, over an image of Chicago Mayor Rahm Emmanuel, the spot points out that “we expect more from our leaders.” 

It’s also used to point out that viewers should “expect more from our teams” and “expect more out of our city” among other themes.

The imagery used under the voiceover is colorized a deep blue and is accompanied by elegantly spaced typography with a thin gold underline that appears on screen with animation effects that are subtly tied to the motion in the footage.


Interspersed with these images, meanwhile, are shots of Johnson and Sargent as they continue walking through the studio and taking their seats at the anchor desk.

WBBM still continues to use the “Original reporting” tagline as well.

Michael P. Hill
Michael P. Hill is the founder and publisher of NewscastStudio. In addition to covering the broadcast industry, Michael is also a Chicago TV and media critic and authors NewscastStudio's "Chicago TV" column and writes regularly about Shopify and design. Contact Michael with your feedback and story ideas.