Bitmovin to spotlight newest streaming tech at NAB

At NAB Show 2018, Bitmovin will showcase its latest video streaming tech coming on booth SU9901 CM.

Bitmovin has played a key role in almost every significant development in online video, from building and deploying the world’s first and fastest commercial adaptive streaming MPEG-DASH and HLS HTML5 player, to being the first to achieve 100x realtime encoding speeds in the cloud, according to the company.

In April 2017, Bitmovin delivered the world’s first AV1 live stream. At the time this required over 200 processor cores to stream but just five months later at the IBC show in Amsterdam they delivered the same demonstration using just 32 cores.

Since then Bitmovin have continued to improve their AV1 technology, and as more companies begin to use and support the codec, this development will only accelerate going ahead towards NAB 2018.

In addition, Bitmovin will showcase other product developments on the NAB Show floor this year:

  • Bitmovin Player V8:  Learn how the smallest video player on the market leads to performance improvement and feature modularity.
  • Next generation streaming pptimizations: Bitmovin continues its encoding technology innovations in per-title encoding, multi-codec streaming, Per-Scene Adaptation and the latest, AI-enabled 3-pass encoding.
  • Containerized video encoding: Bitmovin’s massively distributed video encoding can be deployed anywhere, on public cloud solutions such as Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Services, private cloud options such as Scality, Example2, or your own datacenter.
  • AV1 end-to-end workflow: See the next generation video codec in action. from source ingestion and cloud encoding to browser-based playout with Mozilla. Learn about their encoding speed optimizations resulting in six times less CPU usage compared to Bitmovin’s AV1 live encoder at last year’s NAB.