Bluefish444 to demo IngeSTream IP streaming software at NAB Show

Bluefish444, manufacturer of the professional video 4K SDI, ASI, video over IP and HDMI I/O cards and mini converters, has announced IngeSTream IP streaming software.

Bluefish444 have developed IngeSTream software to enable the capture, encode and transport of video from IP, SDI, and HDMI sources for video streaming and networked video workflows.

IngeSTream captures up to eight channels of SMPTE 2022/2110, SDI and HDMI video and audio from Bluefish444 Epoch and Kronos hardware, and converts them to IP streams such as NDI, SMPTE 2022-6, SMPTE 2110 or RTP/RTSP.

“IngeSTream is another complimentary application developed for use with Bluefish444 Epoch and KRONOS video hardware to provide ease of access to emerging video over IP standards,” said Tom Lithgow, Bluefish444 product manager, in a statement. “IngeSTream will create NDI and RTP streams from SDI sources captured by Epoch hardware, and enables Kronos hardware to capture and playout SMPTE 2022/2110 standards, and create NDI and RTP streams.”

IngeSTream will be available to Bluefish444 customers in 2018.

Bluefish444 will have a working demonstration of IngeSTream on stand SL9021 at NAB Show 2018.