ChyronHego integrates Unreal Engine for enhanced virtual set rendering

ChyronHego announced today a partnership with Epic Games to integrate the Unreal Engine into the Camio Universe through its Neon and Plutonium software, which powers virtual and augmented graphics production.

“In an environment that’s more competitive than ever, our broadcast news customers are on a constant search for innovative ways to tell a better story and captivate viewers,” said Olivier Cohen, senior product manager, virtual solutions, ChyronHego. “The integration with Unreal is just the latest link in our Camio Universe strategy to place the industry’s most powerful storytelling tools at news producers’ fingertips and drive template-based, unified news and weather workflows.”

ChyronHego joins other graphics solutions providers in offering the engine for broadcast purposes, with it first entering the broadcast world in 2017.

The integration will work with already existing Camio tools and workflows including the Camio graphic asset management server and broadcast-specific camera movements.

Producers will also have access to new Live Assist Panels to create and manage the new content types.