TVU Networks showcasing HEVC solutions at NAB Show

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TVU Networks is showcasing its lineup of solutions that offer software-based HEVC encoding at this year’s NAB Show.

Providing high-quality video with improved compression efficiency, TVU’s HEVC supported products now include the TVU One mobile IP newsgathering transmitter, TVU MLink and MLink 4K encoding solution, TVU Anywhere mobile transmitter app and the TVU Grid live video switching, routing and distribution system. TVU Networks will highlight all of its latest solutions at NAB in booth C1707.

“We are constantly looking for ways to help our customers reduce their video production costs while allowing them to deliver the best live shot regardless of the transmission environment. We address this with the integration of HEVC into our entire line of transmission solutions, allowing our customers achieve much great efficiency, “ said Paul Shen, CEO, TVU Networks, in a statement “In addition, our HEVC transmission solutions incorporate distinct software technology advantages with our proprietary Inverse StatMux Plus (IS+) transmission algorithm, and the ability to deliver low latency during fast bit-rate changes to ensure a reliable and high-quality picture in a challenging transmission environment.”

When accessing a public Internet connection, especially cellular mobile Internet, the availability of bandwidth is constantly changing.

TVU’s patented Variable Bitrate Encoding technology enables a TVU transmitter to dynamically adapt the video encoding bitrate to the available bandwidth of the network. In a mobile Internet environment, bandwidth fluctuations change very fast and very often.

TVU’s software-based encoder is designed to react to bitrate changes within a single frame time.

This ensures that the live video is transmitted with the best picture quality and without any interruption caused by bandwidth fluctuation.

Furthermore, the TVU software-based encoder is optimized to the transmission environment.


In contrast, most commoditized hardware encoder chips are not able to be easily adapted to the specific environment often demanded by mobile transmission.

For example, TVU combines a software-based HEVC encoder with TVU’s industry-leading IS+ transmission technology, providing an extremely efficient and robust solution for transmission in hostile environments.

With a software encoder, TVU can continuously improve the encoding technology as it has done in the past with its H.264 devices.

A customer can purchase TVU hardware today with the knowledge that their TVU equipment will continue to improve with newer technology through a simple software upgrade.

TVU Grid, the world’s largest IP-based distribution network, will also be upgraded to HEVC. With HEVC, major media companies are able to exchange content with their partners at an even lower cost on bandwidth.

TVU Grid v5.0 also features TVU Grid Market, which gives users the ability to exchange, share, and sell video content using the solution’s infrastructure.

TVU will also demo the TVU One with HEVC mobile newsgathering transmitter at NAB, which delivers dependable HD quality video with half-second latency within an ultra-compact and rugged hardware chassis. Additionally, the TVU MLink TE4500 HEVC and 4K rack-mount encoder will be shown — which provides cellular 4G LTE transmission capabilities to satellite and microwave vehicles, vans and trucks.


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