CNBC launches new website beta

Updated with comments from CNBC.

CNBC has released a beta version of a new website, a project that includes both frontend visual improvements and backend updates.

The redesign is part of what CNBC calls a “full technology stack rebuild” and includes an upgraded content management system for posting and managing the site, along with a new API.

The new design features a new global header with simplified navigation that has also been rolled out to the live, non-beta site.

According to a CNBC spokesperson, the network opted to carry through the navigation design on both the live and beta site to avoid confusion.

Users now have access to quick links directly from the header as well as fullscreen mega menu.

The major indices indicators have also been streamlined and are now about half the height they were before. The new design also takes advantage of a slightly wider layout on larger screens.


Other features of the new homepage include:

  • Search features AI-powered recommendations with auto-complete suggestions, related tags and ticker symbols
  • Easy to scan design with more headlines at the top of the page
  • A CNBC TV section allows users to consume video content curated by our editorial team directly from the homepage
  • Smart personalized “For You” content based on a user’s engagement with articles, quote pages, newsletters and watchlists
  • Expanded market data including international market movers and new most active and unusual volume tables
  • · Content sections are displayed with related articles, providing users with a handful of stories handpicked by the editorial team associated with each vertical

The updated article pages on offer:

  • A top stories ticker to keep users updated on news, especially those coming from search and social media
  • An article peek included at the bottom of the main article for users who may be interested in related content and want to dive right in to the next article
  • A section peek located below the article peek to capture users that may be interested in related content from the same section
  • Faster page loads, providing access to content users want more quickly
  • Although and other NBC News Digital properties are also undergoing redesigns, CNBC’s site is not managed by NBC’s division, according to CNBC.
  • CNBC also released a gallery of how its site has evolved over the years, showcased on the next page.