wTVision creates casual virtual set for Bolivian ‘Sportivisimo’

wTVision’s broadcast design team created a new virtual set and the original graphic package for Bolivian sports show “Sportivisimo” that airs on Tigo Sports.

wTVision aimed to reinforce the connection between Sportivisimo and Bolivian sports fans.

The virtual environment includes a casual circular conversation area with varied seating options, while the textured walls include sports inspired imagery.

Placed throughout the 3D space are virtual references to sports — including a table soccer table and sports paraphernalia.

The opening, on-air graphics and the show’s logo are also based on the same premise of a fun casual look.

Sportivisimo was the third Tigo Sports virtual set designed by wTVision, after Noticiário and Laboratório Fútbol. In all three shows, wTVision’s R3 Space Engine is being used as the real-time 3D graphics engine.

The virtual sets can be remotely implemented and adjusted with an online streaming connection between the Lisbon headquarters and Bolivia.