‘Mostly Football’ broadcast design blends industrial architecture, quirky objects

The set for Yahoo! Sports‘ “Mostly Football” gives the show a dramatic and eclectic look.

The show, which airs every Thursday and is hosted by Marcellus Bennett, James Davis and Ben Lyons, is produced from Yahoo!’s Playa Vista, California, campus in partnership with Complex Networks

“Mostly Football” is a companion to Verizon Oath’s, the parent company of Yahoo!, estimated $2 billion, five-year deal with the NFL to stream games to mobile devices (Sunday afternoon out-of-market games are blacked out, however, and remain on DirecTV).

Complex, meanwhile, is a joint venture between Verizon and Hearst.

The set, designed by Michael Kramer of MPKscenic, includes a casual living room-style discussion area with loft-style backlit ‘windows’ in Yahoo!’s signature violet. Sports memorabilia and a blend of other quirky objects including a Lego minifigure planter and cactus decorate the set. The industrial look is continued with faux metal pillars with prominent rivets. 


Camera left is a standup area with video panel set inside of a faux concrete surround and faux brick fabricated by Mr. Scenic with shelves displaying more curated objects. Carefully crafted lighting design by Stephen Yarbrough give the space a dramatic, sophisticated look and feel and draw the eye to talent and specific positions on the set.

An additional standup area camera right features a faux brick wall. Between this area and home base is a mid-level concrete wall with open industrial pipe and wood shelving displaying even more knick knacks. Framed posters are also used throughout the set, including a large grouping in this standup area.

The Imagination Agency created the show’s branding, which features matching blue and violet as well as the Xs and Os used on football play diagrams. Curved arcs and a collection of triangular shapes add a sense of movement. The show’s logo design used a bold, italic typeface with a football icon that is ‘sliced’ in half to fit within the lockup.