The Facebook ‘aging challenge’: TV station logo edition

A popular “Facebook challenge” that’s been circulating as a new year starts has been for users to post his or her first profile photo side-by-side with the current one.

The idea is to show how a person’s appearance has changed over the years.

By default, Facebook gives both users and visitors access to a photo album called “Profile Photos” that shows an archive of profile photos that have been used over time.

Just like personal profiles, Facebook also provides pages for companies and brands, including TV stations, with this album.

It’s worth noting that Facebook does allow users to delete old Facebook photos, so the album isn’t necessarily authoritative as far as showing all of the logos a particular page or user has uploaded over the years — nor does it mean that the “first” photo in the album is actually the station’s original upload.

Stations, brands and users have also had to contend with Facebook’s evolving way of displaying photos — including a switch to circle applications and a bump in suggested image size as the years went on.

Either way, it’s interesting way to walk back through time to see not only how users have changed over the years, but shifts in TV stations’ online branding.