EditShare spotlighting latest media storage and management solutions at NAB 2019

EditShare, a provider of intelligent scale-out storage, AQC and media management solutions, will be showcasing its latest advancements in storage security, cloud integration and IMF at the 2019 NAB Show in Las Vegas in Booth SL8016.

“This NAB is all about ensuring that our customers have a path to move their media infrastructure forward and adapt to emerging technologies and changing business needs,” states Andy Liebman, founder, and CEO, EditShare in a statement. “EditShare’s forward-looking solutions give them the flexibility to move in the direction they want and need too, whether it’s building a hybrid facility where part of their workflow lives in the cloud to expanding their business globally on the promise of IMF to making sure their facility is bulletproof for doing business with OTT providers who have a growing concern with content theft. We have what our customers need today with many options for expanding their business next month, next year and in five years. EditShare is your future.”

EditShare’s fluid media ecosystem facilitates sharing of content and ideas through organized access of media on an open platform that integrates all industry standard video and audio editing systems, color grading solutions and visual effects applications.

Its flagship EditShare EFS scale out storage enterprise scale-out storage solution is developed for large-scale media organizations, supporting hundreds of users simultaneously with embedded tools for sharing media and collaborating across departments, across sites, and around the world. Flow media asset management, which ships as part of the EFS single node platforms as well as other third-party shared storage platforms, provides the smart control layer and governance to manage millions of digital assets and automate media processes such as repetitive tasks like transcoding and archiving.

The AirFlow module brings the benefit of cloud-based collaboration to the creative workflow, enabling facilities to quickly scale up on projects or drive remote workflows without expanding on-premise infrastructure. QScan automated quality check and file verification rounds out the collaborative experience with quality control over files, giving creatives peace of mind knowing that the media files they are working with meet industry specifications.

With smartphones and tablets making it easier to consume content anywhere, anytime and OTT platforms offering attractive, hyper-curated programming options to their subscribers, the demand for adverts, snackable content and full-blown programs has skyrocketed.

Liebman elaborates, “To meet the ever increasing demand for content, production houses and content producers need to tap into a much larger pool of creative storytellers. Bringing talent to known creative hubs such as Los Angeles, New York or London’s Soho is not a cost-effective cure for facilities. They need to be able to leverage talent wherever they are located and, if need be, bring them into the creative process remotely, and this is where EditShare solves the pain point. With EditShare, facilities can have one collaborative environment with fine-grain control over who can see and access what in that environment, allowing facilities to hire the best talent with security measures that follow industry best practices.”

With EditShare’s secure and cloud-ready EFS and Flow solutions, a facility in New York can collaborate with creatives in Dallas, Texas, and Singapore, eliminating travel and downtime moving media from one location to another. Support for IMF with QScan paves the road for global distribution. Liebman drives home the point, “EditShare is offering a real-time secure interaction without compromise that allows facilities to scale their business to meet the new (and growing) demand for top talent located all over the world and the ability to deliver the growing demand for OTT content anywhere.”


Here’s more of what EditShare will showcase at NAB:

  • EditShare EFS Auditing: Storage Designed for the future of M&E Security: EditShare will be showcasing advancements in its EFS Auditing technology, the industry’s only real-time auditing platform designed to manage, monitor and secure your media from inception to delivery. EFS Auditing keeps track of all digital assets and captures every digital footprint that a file takes throughout its life-cycle, including copying, modifying and deleting of any content within a project. IABM, the International Association for Broadcast & Media Technology Suppliers, recognized EFS Auditing as a game changer in storage content security, awarding it the coveted ‘Best Storage’ product of 2018 at the IABM BaM Awards in September 2018 at IBC. In addition to showcasing advancements in security, EditShare founder and CEO Andy Liebman will be presenting at the NAB Broadcast and Engineering/IT Conference a panel session on content security: Security: Table Stakes for Doing Business Today” on Wednesday, April 10.
  • Flow 2019: EditShare will introduce Flow 2019 extension 3 at NAB 2019. In addition to major performance improvements across the board, Flow 2019 extension 3 brings new multicam editing capabilities and support for a raft of new storage vendors. It also expands its cloud-based support for Azure, Google, S3, Wasabi, and Backblaze with cost-effective scale up and scale down workflows. “There is one new element in Flow 2019 extension 3 that sets EditShare apart from the other MAM offerings and that is the new Flow Story Multicam editing feature that can be used locally or remote. Based on the Lightworks Multicamera technology which took home the Emmy in 2018 for is groundbreaking design, Flow Story Multicam is incredibly powerful, yet simple to use anywhere,” states Matt Hallin, Video Group Technical Director, EditShare. Flow 2019 extension 3 offers a flexible way to sync multiple cameras and footage together, including separate video and audio clips into one combined asset that can have tracks individually altered to change sync where needed. The asset can then be logged, shared and edited all within the Flow Story client allowing for simple and even shared editing between multiple Flow Story clients at the same time. Hallin concludes, “Whilst multicam editing is not a new feature in the industry, the ability to edit multicam footage easily and keep track of all the assets within a MAM is still fairly new and very innovative in terms of collaboration. Early feedback from our beta testers is that this feature is a home run for remote editing.”
  • QScan IMF is a wide-ranging model offering lets users adopt automated quality control processes into facilities and workflows of all sizes and demands with new IMF capabilities opening doors to global business opportunities. Howard Twine, director of software strategy, EditShare, says, “There is a market perception that all IMF tool-sets are expensive; but this is not the case with QScan. With QScan, you can start small and upgrade the product as your business needs grow with no compromise on the technical capabilities. All QScan models can be used very effectively from point of ingest right through to final package delivery. Hence QScan investment ROI can be measured in a matter of weeks, not months.” With more content than ever being distributed in multiple languages over multiple platforms, QScan supports IMF workflows, allowing users to create one bundle with the variation in language and distribution encapsulated. Twine concludes, “We have drastically simplified the process. With a push of a button, QScan will not only package your IMF bundles but ensure you have met all of the necessary compliance standards. Edit suites are freed for projects and your facility is future-proofed for a greater global reach.” Each QScan product is fully endorsed and approved by the AMW (Advanced Media Workflow Association).