Prime Focus showcasing content supply-chain, AI updates at NAB Show

Prime Focus Technologies today announced that it will showcase the latest innovations in its Clear Media ERP Suite, including automation-led solutions and proven managed services, at the upcoming NAB Show 2019.

PFT’s latest solutions also include Vision Cloud, a host of AI-led micro services that are ready-to-deploy, offering automation and data to accelerate the adoption of AI within specific M&E business use cases.

“With Media ERP, our focus has always been to help (media and entertainment) enterprises solve specific operational challenges through automation, on the back of One software. The latest additions to our solutions & services will continue to enhance automation for our customers, assisting them in their collective effort to manage supply chains, while reducing total cost of operations,” said Ramki Sankaranarayanan, founder and global CEO, Prime Focus Technologies in a statement. “We’re particularly thrilled with the progress we’ve made on the AI and ML front with Vision Cloud, and we are extremely excited to be taking our AI-led micro services to the market for solving real business use cases.”

PFT will be showcasing the following at NAB 2019:

  • Centralization and automated content operations for the global enterprise: Adopting centralization removes the redundant effort spent across global locations for international broadcast operations, promo operations and distribution.
  • Content acquisition portal: A central, secure, work order managed supply chain management solution for managing content acquisition and the associated processes – including evaluation, editorial, enrichment and archival.
  • Promo operations automation: Business process orchestration for promo creation, with auto assist versioning and delivery with functionality to automate the entire promo operations workflow, including auto assist versioning with native integration of Adobe Premiere Pro CC and After Effects.
  • Dax Production Cloud: Production and post production workflows with a single software application for stakeholders across the production supply chain that provides an entry point for all media and ancillary files, stores content and helps share, collaborate and manage production supply chain processes. These include on-set, editorial, VFX and pull downs, marketing and trailers, post production, localization and distribution of screeners.
  • Mastering Automation: A solution that makes domestic and international syndication across linear and non-linear platforms more efficient and cost-effective, thanks to automation by leveraging Clear Compliance Data Model, Caption Re-timing feature and Profanity Check tool for compliance auto QC for captions & subtitles.
  • Vision Cloud: PFT’s patent pending Machine Wisdom technology, Vision Cloud, is a native media recognition AI engine that synthesizes and focuses on the most diverse and relevant annotations to deliver actionable search results that are meaningful and contextual. The engine’s ready-to-use AI-led micro services deliver automation and data to accelerate the adoption of AI within media and entertainment businesses.

PFT’s transformational cloud-based solutions help media and entertainment enterprises leverage automation to solve the key challenges they face in today’s multi-platform universe — from creation and acquisition, to delivery and distribution.

These solutions, combined with PFT’s wide array of technical and creative Managed Services will help customers drive automation-led efficiencies to achieve lower total cost of operations and unlock new monetization opportunities.

Clear empowers media and entertainment companies with One software for the enterprise, enabling them to manage end-to-end content operations from creation to delivery on One software.