Vizrt bringing ‘triple-play’ of sports offerings to NAB Show

Vizrt will step to the plate with a variety of sports product updates at the 2019 NAB Show, including new features such as Live Virtual Presenter for Viz Libero and custom sports for Viz Arena.

Expanding interactivity with Viz Libero

Vizrt’s Live Virtual Presenter combines Viz Virtual Studio with game analysis through Viz Libero, allowing presenters to join players virtually on the field to interact with footage and game analysis.

The game can be brought virtually into the studio with Viz Libero AR, leveraging augmented reality (AR) to place a photorealistic 3D view of the game with analysis graphics in front of the sports presenter in the studio.

Through these tools, a presenter will have new ways to break down key plays and action from a game.

Virtual Advertising for any sport

Viz Arena, aimed at sports rights holders, will showcase ways to monetize productions with unobtrusive virtual advertisements embedded into the game footage.

Examples include virtual advertising trackside in car racing to virtual finish lines in horse racing.


Other features include a live Down & Distance line with sponsor graphics.

The latest version of Viz Eclipse – Vizrt’s advertisement board replacement solution for soccer – will be showcased for the first time in the U.S. market with the new ability to replace animated board content.

Viz Libero Teams

The new Viz Libero Teams offering is available for coaches and clubs, bringing sports analysis to the locker room.

Combining 3D virtual sports enhancements with telestration tools, Vizrt’s Viz Libero Teams can run on a laptop with game footage – either live or as a clip.