Dalet to spotlight remote editing framework at NAB

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Dalet will showcase its new Dalet Remote Editing framework at NAB 2019 Booth SL6610.

The highly scalable framework brings the full-featured multimedia editing capabilities and speed to the editors working in the field or at remote offices without requiring a PAM or MAM at every location.

Media organizations in fast-paced production markets such as news, sports and reality TV often have extensive in-the-field production needs that are critical to their business. Unmitigated access to content located at the central hub and accelerated media exchange from the field to home and back are paramount for success.

The Dalet Remote Editing framework securely connects journalists, producers, editors and other content creators to the central content hub, enabling the in-the-field and remote users to edit, assemble, collaborate and quickly submit packages or download high-resolution media to finalize locally even in low-bandwidth situations.

The first release of the new Dalet Remote Editing framework will support Dalet OneCut natively with subsequent updates supporting Dalet Xtend-compatible third-party editing applications.

“With the Dalet Remote Editing framework, video editors located just about anywhere have the same robust editing experience as those editors located within the four walls of the central hub, even when they have a degraded network connection,” states Golan Tsarfaty, editing product line manager, Dalet in a statement. “Most Dalet customers want to centralize content resources in the main hub yet have a local presence via their remote bureaus, freelancers or simply people working in the field. This new Remote Editing framework provides a gateway to optimize content sharing across multiple locations without requiring the deployment of a MAM or PAM beyond the central hub.”

The Dalet Remote Editing framework leverages the AWS infrastructure and Dalet smart-caching technology to eliminate problematic security, latency and other roadblocks that usually limit remote productions, transforming the entire in-the-field video editing experience and workflow for both users and media companies.

“It solves two key issues. First, it offers a high-quality user experience when editing content from anywhere; and second, it simplifies the network configurations and infrastructure management for access to central content by remote users,” Tsarfaty adds. “It’s an incredible technical innovation that is going to help our customers make a quantum leap forward with regards to mobility at work, remote productions and working with freelancers.”


At NAB 2019, Dalet will demonstrate how the new editing framework lets journalists working in the field share with the central hub content they’ve captured locally, via a secure HTTPS Internet connection. Simultaneously, they will show how journalists preparing a story while on the go can preview and pull in content from the central catalog or the archive, and mix it with locally captured footage, using a stand-alone editor.

In addition to the in-the-field journalist workflow, Dalet teams will demonstrate the efficient cross-site video editing and collaboration capabilities the new framework brings for content exchange between bureaus and sites. “One of the big challenges media organizations faced in enabling a proper in-the-field or remote editing workflow was the costly and somewhat limiting infrastructure available to them,” Tsarfaty explains.

“Dedicated hardware, added layers of security for accessing the central hub, and VPN scenarios limited the ability to deploy truly robust remote production workflows and scale at will. These typical setups also hindered the user collaboration and overall experience as you still experienced latency and access issues. With Dalet Remote Editing, there is no overhead. You can scale your productions as you need, pay for infrastructure as you go, and offer the video editing experience your staff requires to create outstanding content, efficiently and quickly, from anywhere. NAB Show attendees will be able to see how this is done right on the Dalet booth.”

NAB 2019 attendees can book a private demonstration or workflow consultation with a Dalet expert to learn more about the new Dalet Galaxy Five remote editing framework.


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