Zee News creates unique promo for 2019 Indian General Election

Zee News, one of the largest news channels in India, is promoting the 2019 Indian General Election through a unique promo that combines real footage and body doubles with a parallax effect.

The pomo uses a series of idealized images of the candidates for Indian Prime Minister with a layered parallax effect, separating the politicians from their backgrounds and foregrounds, with the imagery all monotone.

While each scene appears as a still photograph, it’s actually a motion-tracked video which was composited in post-production to allow for the complex camera moves.

The election promo took 15 days to create, due in part to the work required to find proper body doubles, matching attire and to complete the intricate stitching in post-production.

The election, which is held in seven phases across the country, is currently ongoing with the final results expected in late May.


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