Fox screams ‘WAR’ on video wall

During Thursday, June 20, 2019’s “Fox & Friends,” the show lead with a Fox “Alert” on a U.S. drone reportedly shot down by Iranian forces with a graphic that would, in newspaper parlance, likely exceeded what’s known as a “screamer.”

In newspaper headlines, screamers generally take up the entire width of the page and are set in large, and typically all caps, typography — and are also reserved for extremely major news events.

Common examples are when World World I and World War II broke out — and many newspapers carried bold “WAR” and similar headlines (“Dewey defeats Truman” is another example that comes to mind).

Fox took a similar approach with a bold graphic reading “Ready for War!” on Studio F’s large video curved wall — and the headline “Tensions rising” on the studio’s circular floor video panel.

The word “War” was in bold read and was likely about as tall as an average person.