CNN’s debate branding continues to roll out as event draws closer

After teasing the look back in June 2019, CNN’s new debate look has continued to roll out on air.

The network has been airing a “Democratic Presidential Debates” themed stinger when returning from breaks.

The design uses an airier, lighter look than NBC News used last month — but also features 3D renderings of ceiling girders and wide, open spaces.

CNN’s stinger also features floating segments that echo the LED ribbons installed on the CNN debate stage as well as flowing ribbon and star accents.

At the center of the design is a freestanding rectangle boasting the “title card” branding and angled elements first seen back in June.

Those angles and their connection to the ones found in the network’s iconic logotype are driven home thanks to an animated wipe that blends sharp lines with the logo itself.


CNN has also been promoting the debate with a banner-style snipe that uses the darker look its promos use.

As the debate creeps closer, CNN switched its promos to a look that better matches the red, white and blue debate look.

This included the option to include the countdown to the event in the banner itself, which now has angled elements as well.

The network is also showing the 10 photographs of the night’s candidate lineup — and lectern order — along the bottom of the screen.