‘CBS This Morning’ appears to be phasing out ‘CTM’ abbreviation.

CBS This Morning” appears to be shedding many references to its “CTM” branding.

According to recorded versions of the program, the network last used the animated bug that alternated between the show’s full name and three letter abbreviation, as shown in the video example below, Aug. 28, 2019.

Then, Sept. 12 was the last time the “CTM” abbreviation appeared in the lower right corner of the screen during the show’s teases. 

The use of the shortened “CTM” branding officially rolled out with the show’s new graphics and new anchor team in May 2019.

While the shortened version of the show’s name is more social media friendly, the shortened name is used for a variety of hashtags unrelated to the show.

Shortening its name to three letters was reminiscent of ABC News‘ “Good Morning America,” which is popularly known as “GMA,” including on social media, where it is the show’s Twitter handle.

Both the long and short name of the show are commonly used as a hashtag, though the short version appears to be used more frequently. 


The show has also used “GMA” in its open, though it currently is using the full name. The “GMA” abbreviation also appears in many of the show’s graphics, including an animated bug, as shown below.