Album Review: ‘Zenith’ from Icon Trailer Music

“Zenith,” the new production music album composed by Emmy Award-winning composer Frederik Wiedmann, reveals a masterful creator with an uncanny ability to apply craft and creative intuition to an impressive array of emotional contexts.

From tracks inspired by contemporary pop ballads to brooding orchestral scores suited to soundtrack all manner of fantasy and sci-fi content, Wiedmann flexes his sizable range on “Zenith.”

Album opener “Endeavor” leverages delicate piano lines and dramatic chord changes in an electric/orchestral hybrid that soars and satisfies. We hear a monster lurking on “Gathering Storm,” a track with meandering synths, swirling strings, and, eventually, sounds that conjure scenes of good triumphing over evil.

The astounding “Wondrous World” develops ethereal string and synth work into a surreal soundscape of childlike awe and elation. We majestically soar over mountaintops, a curtain lifts, and what we see changes us forever. “Calamity” explores Wiedmann’s dark side through distorted synths, blaring horns, and violent drums.

“Make It So” closes out the album with familiar pop trappings in a track that seems to live in an entirely different musical universe than some of the album’s more ambitious offerings.

Released on Universal Production Music’s Icon Trailer Music label, the music of “Zenith” sounds crafted to fit seamlessly in scenes of action, drama, romance, and intrigue.


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Album Tracks

  1. Endeavor
  2. Zenith
  3. Never Forget
  4. On a Ledge*
  5. Gathering Storm
  6. Stealth*
  7. Dark Destiny
  8. Wondrous World
  9. Shadows Breaking*
  10. The Hope That Remains*
  11. Rising Phoenix*
  12. Calamity*
  13. Make It So

* Featured in audio compilation above.

To listen to the full album, visit Universal Production Music’s website.[/prodmusic]

Patrick McGuire
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