Nexstar brings communities together with custom image song

A new image campaign has connected Nexstar’s family of stations with a message of togetherness in answer to the unique times brought about by the coronavirus pandemic.

“With this campaign, early on I saw this as an opportunity to do something unique, seeing what was in front of us and how it was impacting every community,” said Blake Russell, Nexstar’s EVP, Station Operations and Content Development.

“Even though people aren’t supposed to ‘come together,’ [due to social distancing orders] communities are rallying around first responders, nurses, etc. I saw this campaign as an opportunity to give back in a special way.”

“‘Stronger Together’ can take on many different meanings. It’s not just supporting those first responders, it’s together as a family, it’s cooking meals as a family, etc.,” adds Russell. “The American dinner table has been reborn.”

Conceived and composed in only two weeks by the team at Stephen Arnold Music, the campaign builds off of Nexstar’s Loving Local image campaign.

“The lyrics speak to staying strong and coming together as a community in these challenging times,” said Chad Cook of Stephen Arnold Music. “They communicate gratitude to those on the “front lines” — healthcare professionals, emergency responders, and the essential business workers.”

“It’s a complement of where we are in the world today,” noted Russell.

Russell says he wanted the campaign to focus on the community and not on the individual stations, with the campaign going beyond the typical sweeps promo.


“Our company has always been about trying to give back as much as we can,” notes Russell, such as through Nexstar’s Founders Day of Caring, where station employees take a day in June to volunteer in their communities.