Alibi releases cinematic production music albums for true crime, documentary

Alibi has released new production music albums targeted at true crime and documentaries with a cinematic twist.

“Cinematic Pulses” comes in at 14 tracks with epic, evolving and tension-building cues, Alibi notes, with pounding, pulsing drums, synth bass, hybrid sound design and unique drums such as taikos.

“Cinematic Synth Textures,” meanwhile, includes lingering cues with deep, ethereal ambiance and atmospheric sound design.

Inspired by popular ambient music artists, the tracks range from serene and dreamy to introspective and reflective.

Alibi notes its crime-inspired music has been featured on projects including “Death Row Stories,” “Unmasking a Killer,” “Inside Evil with Chris Cuomo,” “How It Really Happened,” “Very Scary People” and “I Was a Teenage Felon,” among others.