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PRG adds digital studio in Chicago

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Production Resource Group has added a digital studio in Chicago to its growing network of facilities which also includes Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Nashville, New York City and Orlando.

The studios are designed around large LED stages. The Chicago facility includes a 45 x 33-foot stage and includes PRG technology including: 

  • PRG Enhanced Environments state-of-the-art green screen replacement using LED screens to create natural-looking backgrounds and lighting reflections onset (often called Extended Reality)
  • Ncam providing in-camera previsualization and real-time camera tracking
  • 35LIVE! Multi-camera production technology that combines the power and immediacy of broadcast television with the soft look and feel of film production delivered to screens of any size.

PRG notes the studio is developed for pre-recorded and live content and is built for easy, fast, efficient production at any scale, from live-streamed corporate presentations and commercial shoots to music events – all within COVID guidelines.

“With the new LED stage at our McCook location, we are able to offer advanced production service to augment our live video switching suites already in operation,” said Eric Hansen, Vice President, Sales for PRG.

“This studio is designed for live streaming or recording of corporate presentations like keynotes, product launches and town halls as well as music and commercial shoots. We believe PRG’s studio, with its enhanced environment capabilities, is a great resource for Chicago’s advertising industry as they explore new ways to shoot ads quickly and cost-effectively.”

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