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Blackbird adds 18 affiliates to client roster

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Blackbird, a cloud-native video editing platform, has added 18 affiliate television stations to its client list following the latest deployment from CMS platform TownNews.

This is the fifth expansion of Blackbird by TownNews since the partnership began in 2018.

“We are thrilled to expand our services with them to 69 news stations across 35 states from the 2 we started with back in 2018. This is an excellent example of the ‘Blackbird inside’ OEM strategy working and a superb endorsement of our technology in the fast-paced environment of news production,” said Blackbird CEO Ian McDonough.

“Blackbird’s high-quality, frame-accurate cloud editing software gives our broadcast customers a huge competitive advantage. The growth of the Blackbird TownNews partnership over the past three years has been extremely exciting, and we look forward to continuing our mutual collaboration for a long time to come,” said Derek Gebler of TownNews.

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