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NDI allows ‘program monitor’ to go global in Adobe Premiere

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With the launch of NDI 5, users of Adobe Premiere Pro will be able to use NDI technology to remotely view editing.

NDI for Adobe Creative Cloud enables editors and producers to bring Adobe Premiere Pro into their local live productions’ workflows and collaboration for review and approval.

With NDI 5, these workflows open up beyond the local area network so editors and artists can use NDI for live production and collaboration across multiple offices and locations – including their homes.

“The ability to send video over NDI to anywhere in the world over an internet connection is a huge step forward for creatives,” said Sue Skidmore, head of partner relations for Adobe Video.

“With NDI for Adobe Creative Cloud, video professionals and creators can collaborate more closely as they create and shape visual stories – regardless of their physical location – speeding up and streamlining workflows.”

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