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The Covid-19 global pandemic has brought with it many learnings and reflections that we are now all in the process of digesting. One of the key takeaways is that virtual technology is here to stay and taking advantage of it will only benefit our content production.  Brainstorm has been on the cutting edge of virtual content production for decades now, and, based on its renowned broadcast AR/VR 3D technology, the company has released Edison PRO. With this new solution, you can bring your live events and corporate presentations to a next level.

Edison PRO is an innovative, template-based playout application that seeks to transform any live, online presentation or conference into an immersive experience through AR and virtual environments. It allows users to enhance their speech and storytelling with real-time 3D graphics and other visual aids, as well as include themselves in the presentation, through an affordable and easy-to-use platform that does not require expensive hardware or a studio setup. It is a turnkey solution with an extensive built-in assets library and the ability to use flexible TrackFree™ virtual cameras, and compatible with any standard workflow.

With an extremely simplified but powerful interface, and by using a drag-and-drop operation, Edison PRO users can create dazzling presentations starting from a PowerPoint of PDF document, and without requiring specific knowledge in 3D, virtual studios or video. From there, Edison PRO will help you create impressive presentations in just three steps:

  • Load a template from the built-in library.
  • Drop your PowerPoint or PDF presentation.
  • Customize your scene. You can use pre-existing 3D virtual backgrounds, including photorealistic scenes created with Unreal Engine, and add rich media adding rich media like pictures, video or 3D objects and animations from the built-in libraries or any other source.

Edison PRO benefits from Brainstorm’s advanced 3D technologies. Using Brainstorm’s TrackFree™ technology, Edison PRO takes the video feed of your fixed camera and creates 3D virtual camera views from it. These are flexible, independent from the live feed, and can move freely in space, as pedestals or cranes do in live production environments. This feature expands the virtual environment far beyond the limits of the physical set.


From live events companies, broadcasters, online content providers, corporations, government institutions to houses of worship and of course educational institutions, presenters of all kinds can benefit from Edison PRO. So, if you want to turn your presentations into virtual live experiences with excellent output quality thanks to the free assets available and the compatibility with Unreal Engine scenes, Edison PRO is your tool of choice.

Learn more about Edison PRO today on the Brainstorm website.


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