Tulsa station switches logos

KJRH, Scripps’ NBC affiliate in Tulsa, Oklahoma, has introduced a new logo.

The stationed officially dropped its red “2” icon in favor of a simplified glyph in late July 2021, though the new logo made appearances on its website as early as July 2021.

KJRH’s old logo.

The new logo takes on a simplified, single color look and also doesn’t include the NBC peacock.

In addition to updating its existing group graphics package to reflect the new logo, the station also updated its set to feature dimensional “2”s on an off white panel instead of a peacock on wood tone.

The station uses a modified version of the 2011 set from FX Design Group, with much of the wood tones and color palette toned down to better match the Scripps graphics package.

Fellow Scripps station KSHB also updated its logo for a cleaner look around the same time as the stations’ affiliated network, NBC, prepares for the delayed 2020 Summer Olympics.