Universal Production Music and FirstCom combine production music offerings

Universal Publishing Production Music has merged two of its production music companies into a single offering.

The combined entity, which includes Universal Production Music and FirstCom Music, will be able to leverage the capabilities of both teams and provide new licensing opportunities for clients.

“The marriage of these two U.S.-based production music superstars highlights Universal Production Music’s place as the industry’s finest, truly global brand,” said Michael Sammis, president of Universal Production Music.

“Our newly combined U.S. team will partner with colleagues around the world to pursue new talent, develop innovative services, and use trend insights to benefit our customers’ projects. Together, they will continue to drive innovation while delivering superior music and services to our client base.”

In the United States market, Universal Production Music will operate under Noah Rubinstein, VP of sales & marketing, and Carl Peel, VP of repertoire.

“Combining our efforts offers clients a more expansive pool of artists, composers and producers to meet their real-time demands for compelling, new music,” said Peel. “This also creates more opportunities for our artist producers, as well as greater exposure for their music and access to more channels and client projects.”

“Current customers will continue to be supported by the same dedicated and knowledgeable account managers and search specialists whom they’ve trusted for years,” said Rubinstein. “We’ve brought the best of both worlds together and we’re now uniquely positioned to serve clients and prospective clients in every key vertical.”

The merged catalog is available through the Universal Production Music website, which has been updated with the music of FirstCom.