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Ross Video expanding production capacity with new manufacturing facility

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Ross Video is expanding its Iroquois manufacturing facility located in Ontario, Canada.

“I am extremely proud to be breaking ground on our factory expansion. This event combines our commitment to my hometown of Iroquois, a low carbon footprint green facility, and a major increase of our manufacturing capacity to serve our growing global customer base,” said David Ross, CEO of Ross Video.

Ross is one of three Cornwall-area businesses receiving Ontario government funding with nearly $3 million in Regional Development Program Invested, notes the company in a release.

The Ontario government’s investment will help strengthen domestic manufacturing and stimulate economic development in the Cornwall area. At Ross, this investment will facilitate over 40 jobs in manufacturing, with further positions being created as a result of the company’s continued growth.

Ross is investing $15 million in the 55,000-square-foot facility expansion to build space for two major production lines in Iroquois.

This investment will assist in the expansion of the Iroquois facility, fund the purchase of new equipment, and add local capacity for consolidation of operations from international acquisitions. The expansion will also increase production efficiencies, facilitate innovation and expand sales into new markets.

“This will not only help us better deal with the substantial and sustained demand for our products and services but give us a chance to move closer to our goal of a fully carbon-neutral factory well before 2030. We take our responsibilities to our customers, our employees and their families, our suppliers, and business partners, our community, and the environment very seriously. We’re checking boxes on all those fronts with this effort,” said Jeff Poapst.


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