‘The View’ releases teaser for 25th season with new logo

ABC News‘ “The View” has released a teaser trailer for its 25th anniversary season that includes a dramatic look at the studio and voices from the past.

The promo features a darkened, dramatically lit view of the “The View” studio with what appears to be less socially distanced seating, notably with five host chairs (with the departure of Meghan McCain, the show technically has an opening for a fifth co-host). It’s also not clear if the chairs are simply arranged this way for aesthetic purposes on the promo.

The show has been being produced via a mix of remote and studio production due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Also featured in the new teaser is the show’s new logo, featuring an oversized “V” like those that have been a part of the show’s look for most of the past 25 years, along with a blue bar with the remainder of the letters.

‘The View’ logo as of Season 25. The ‘V” serves more as an icon and is not part of the spelled out name, which is in the bar in the center.

Unlike the logo used most recently, which also used the large “V” but also spelled out the full show name (essentially repeating the “V”) in a bar placed on top of the angular letter, this version, at least in its full lockup, appears to use the “V” icon as part of the spelled out name.

The new logo for ‘The View.’

The updated look also appears to use lighter lettering and perhaps even a different font for the secondary lettering and the “V” is now a single solid silver gradient, rather than two separate angles.


There’s also the option to have a thin, geometric sans serif “25” placed over the “V” in the center.

What appears to be the old, single line version of the logo, is illuminated on the front “leaf” of the table, another design hallmark of the show.

Meanwhile, the promo also features audio clips from past hosts, going back to Barbara Walters, who created the show but has since retired.

Even Debbie Matenopoulos, who was famously cut from the show after one season, is featured.

One missing person, at least from what is easily identified, appears to be Meghan McCain, the often controversial host who left the show this past season.