Fox begins teasing ‘powerful’ weather service

A promo for Fox’s new advertising-supported video on demand weather service is providing a preview of what the service might look like.

Fox Media has released a promo for its Fox Weather service, which is set to launch in October. 

In the spot, Fox teases the upcoming service with a variety of clips showcasing the power of nature as well as both its network and owned station level weather talent.

Also shown is what is presumably one version of the Fox Weather logo — an app-icon like box with rounded corner with the Fox logotype on top and the word “Weather” in an orange-ish gradient box below.

There’s also a horizontal lockup of the logo used in the promo.

The logo itself looks a bit like the old Weather Channel logo’s footprint — a comparison that becomes even more obvious with the blue border. Meanwhile, the orange is an interesting choice because the AccuWeather Network uses orange as its signature color, though Fox’s is a bit brighter.

Other portions of the promo feature an oversized version of the “X” in the Fox logo next to additional wording.


Fox Weather was first announced back in December 2020 and the company has hired at least six on air forecasters to hold down coverage at the national level, produced out of Fox headquarters in New York.

The service is also expected to rely on its owned stations across the country to provide additional content and at least one clip in the promo showcases what that might look like.

Collectively, these personalities are dubbed “America’s weather team” during the promo.

Additional clips showcase a video wall in Studio J being used to deliver a forecast, though it’s not immediately clear where production of Fox Weather will originate from.

Fox has been introducing the “Fox Weather” brand over the past few, weather news heavy weeks on its other networks.

Janice Dean discussed the impact of Hurricane Ida on Louisiana in this ‘Fox & Friends’ segment Aug. 31, 2021.

The look typically appears in the “sliver” running along the bottom of the screen while other elements are incorporated into the background, including the oversized “X” serving as a “window” onto a cloudscape and lines of microtext listing city names from across the country interspersed with weather icons.

The service is expected to be available on “every platform” according to the promo voiceover, though only the logos of Facebook, YouTube, Fox Media, Fox-owned Tubi and TikTok are shown on screen.

Correction: An earlier version of this story misidentified the name of the hurricane in the cutline of the image of Janice Dean. It has been corrected.