Zero Density adds AI-powered talent tracking solution

Zero Density has added a markerless, stereoscopic talent tracking system to its growing lineup of broadcast solutions. Powered by AI and Nvidia’s GPU Tensor Cores, the TRAXIS talentS system can identify people inside a 3D environment to help place them in a scene.

With the new solution, traditional talent trackers such as beacons or wearables are no longer necessary for real-time virtual production, the company notes. 

Tracking data from the TRAXIS talentS is sent to Zero Density’s Reality Engine to create reflections, refractions and shadows with the Unreal Engine adding additional photorealism. 

The entire system uses the FreeD protocol and integrates across Zero Density’s Reality family of products along with any FreeD compatible platform. 

Along with virtual production, the solution can also be used for augmented reality graphics such as at sporting events to track athletes.