Sky News Arabia ventures into the forest with text driven IMR explainer

Sky News Arabia (سكاي نيوز عربية) recently created an immersive mixed reality explainer about the Amazon rainforest that “transported” its presenter to multiple parts of a the great natural wonder while filling in key points using text elements.

The segment starts with the viewport “flying” through the upper canopy of the trees to reveal a large headline seemingly floating the mist above the treeline before dipping down to the forest floor where more text, this one in a darker shade to mast the lighting at this level, appears. 

A presenter then appears on screen with key facts alongside her in Arabic. The text “floats” in the air along with techie accent marks that help break up the information while also forming a subtle way to “frame” the information. 

Several different parts of the rainforest, each featuring different foliage and geographic landforms, are shown in similar fashion, while an other portion spotlights the possible effects of pollution and fire on the forest.