immersive mixed reality

Immersive mixed reality is a general term for an enhanced type of augmented reality. Although the lines and distinctions between the two terms are debatable and often blurred, IMR tends to have these distinguishing characteristics from AR:

  • The talent and viewer are placed “inside” a 360 degree virtual environment.
  • IMR segments often include more specific interaction between virtual elements and talent.
  • IMR television segments may need to be pre-produced, as opposed to done live, due to the intricate level of detail used.

Augmented reality, on the other hand, often has these traits:

  • In general, AR focuses more on inserting virtual elements into an existing, real life space.
  • While talent can interact with augmented reality elements, it is typically more limited to being able to walk “around” the virtual elements or point to elements.
  • Because augmented reality tends to use real studio or outdoor spaces as a backdrop and therefore requires less rendering, it can be used on live TV more easily.

Both IMR and AR typically required advanced software and hardware to track camera and talent movement and render the combined real and virtual imagery.

Stories featuring immersive mixed reality