Arabic network airs realtime IMR segment marking Beirut explosion anniversary

Arabic language broadcaster Alghad TV (قناة العهد) produced a realtime, immersive mixed reality explainer marking the one year anniversary of the Aug. 4, 2020, explosion in the port of Beirut, Lebanon.

Unlike many IMR segments that are heavily edited and composited in post-production, combining the live action footage of talent on with virtual elements, Alghad TV opted to present this segment in realtime. 

The segment was also produced as a single shot and leverage a virtual background with layers of augmented reality at various points in the Z-axis to achieve depth.

It starts with the on screen representer “standing” in what appears to be glass bubble of sorts overlooking London — where the network is based. 

A dramatically curved ramp also appears before structure “drops away,” leaving the presenter on a raised transported platform of sorts, taking her on various virtual stops to explain the series of events that unfolded.

The network used Aximmetry with rendering by the Unreal Engine.