El Paso ABC debuts new set

El Paso’s ABC affiliate, KVIA, has debuted a new set from FX Design Group as part of a larger investment into the station from owner News-Press & Gazette Co.

“For the first time in a quarter-century, ABC-7 unveils a vibrant, completely new studio set today,” said Kevin Lovell, the station’s GM in a statement.

“Rich with color, desert landscapes, new monitors, lighting and flooring, this set provides a great backdrop for the already top-rated ABC-7 news team. We salute our ownership, the Bradley family in Missouri for investing in a product to better serve our Borderland viewers.”

The new set is a major tech upgrade for the station with multiple video walls included in the design.

The anchor desk is backed by a five-panel vertical array while a standup area to the left of the anchor desk includes an 18 panel, 6×3 video wall. 

Dramatic angles create the different zones of the set which includes a breaking news area and multiple standup locations with technology.

The weather center, now known as the “alert center,” features a large work area along with a desk for live reports. Weathercasters also take advantage of the large video wall. 


Stone accents add local flair throughout the set along with a unique dura graphic that captures the Franklin Mountains that divide El Paso. 

This graphic, which can change color based on broadcast daypart, uses a tessellation pattern to create mountain forms in the weather and breaking news areas of the set.

Along with the set, FX Design Group also provided lighting design for KVIA with fixtures from Ikan