CNN Chile virtual set blends architecture with the unlikely

CNN Chile has launched a virtual set for its financial show “Inversionarios.”

The virtual set is powered by Brainstorm InfinitySet with rendering by Unreal Engine.

The virtual space depicts what appears to be a large open office space with thick columns and floor to ceiling windows overlooking a nighttime view. Steely blue uplighting and gold ceiling fixtures are the primary colors used inside the virtual space, though there’s also subtle hints of red.

While the structural elements and furnishings are fairly realistic, reality is suspended through the use of “floating” logos that appear throughout the 3D space as well as a standup area that has a large video wall like structure that can “slide up” from a base fixture in the floor. 

Many of the logos seen in the background might be physically possible, at least in theory, but the video wall that lifts out of the floor is decidedly more imaginative. 

Talent can be set up in a variety of positions, including an informal furniture grouping. 

Opposite the large wall of windows is a massive glossy “wall” that’s a sort of hybrid between a virtual video wall and a single sheet of glass looking into a space beyond.

Animated gold bars are used on this surface, which also depicts a dark background that appears to depict additional space featuring X-shaped elements.


While the imagery here could be meant as a video wall graphic, it also a decidedly “virtual set extension” look to it, although whatever imaginary room is behind there appears to be mostly empty and cloaked in darkness.

Meanwhile, the notion of a skyscraper is reinforced through the show’s open that depicts a series of tall, glass skyscrapers that, once viewed from above, are revealed to form the letters in the show’s name.