International networks still mixed on Ukraine-Russia coverage branding

Like many of their U.S. counterparts, international news networks such as Al Jazeera and Sky News are walking a fine line in branding the ongoing developments between Russia and Ukraine.

For some networks, the events are still a crisis while others have elevated the significant military action to an invasion.

Sky News is using a look built around colorful triangles that reflect the Russian and Ukrainian flags, using the label “Ukraine Crisis.” 

NBC News, Sky News’ distant corporate cousin, recently switched from the “crisis” label to “Ukraine Invasion” branding


Sky News is also utilizing a virtual set to review the conflict and troop movement.

BBC News, meanwhile, is also using the invasion moniker in its national newscasts under the headline “Russia invades Ukraine.”

During the evening broadcasts on Feb. 24, 2022, the network also added special “Russia Attacks Ukraine” branding and info boxes featuring black and white photos of the attacks so far along with Vladimir Putin. 

Al Jazeera English is using vivid imagery from Ukraine along with the “attack” label.

DW is using similar labeling while France 24 is using “War in Ukraine.”