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Avid pens open letter of support for Ukraine, ceases sales and support in country

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Avid has published an open letter in support of Ukraine and has announced it will end all sales and support in both Russia and Belarus. 

The company, which powers broadcasters around the globe with a full slate of solutions, has also been working to assist its Ukrainian staffers and contractors and their families. 

One of the stated goals for ending sales and support is to target state owned and state run media companies from spreading “propaganda and disinformation.”

The company joins a growing number of ones in both the broadcast industry and beyond that are halting sales, imports and support within Russia.

The full text in the open letter is below:

Russia’s political leaders have crossed a line by attacking the sovereign nation of Ukraine, which has resulted in harm and disruption to her people, including our Avid colleagues. Much of the world has responded with harsh economic sanctions – and Avid is joining them to apply pressure on the Russian regime. We simply cannot make it easier for Russia’s political leaders, through state-run and state-owned news and media organizations, to spread propaganda and disinformation.

To this end, Avid has ceased all sales and support to all customers, users and resellers in Russia and Belarus.

At Avid, we strive to make the world a better place by connecting all people everywhere through the power of media. That’s a big vision, but one that Team Avid fundamentally believes in. As history often reminds us, the world is not as benevolent and caring as we would like it to be. And as much as we believe in the positive power of media, there are times when that power is not used for good. This is clearly one of those times.


Last week, we proudly chose to stand with the people of Ukraine. We have been assisting our Ukraine colleagues and their families to bring them relief on multiple fronts – and intend to do so until peace returns to Ukraine.

We urge others in our tight-knit Media & Entertainment industry to also join the international pressure campaign against Russia’s political leaders to stop their aggression immediately.


Jeff Rosica
CEO & President
Avid Technology

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